Map of US highlighting Missouri


Proper Noun

  • state in the Midwestern region of the US (country) .
  • The longest river in the continent, North America, rising in the Rocky (mountain range) Mountains of western Montana (state) and flowing roughly southeast over 2,300 miles through North (state) Dakota, South (state) Dakota, Nebraska (state), Iowa (state), Kansas (state) and Missouri (state), before joining the river, Mississippi at St. Louis.
  • An Indigenous Siouan tribe that originally lived in the Great Lakes region of United States.
  • A massive former territory (1812–1821) of the US (country), comprising much of the Great Plains and Midwestern regions.


Similar words


  • From a French adaptation of Miami wimihsoorita ("the people who have dugout canoes"), a term for the inhabitants of the area around the Missouri River.
  • : Or from Miami mihsoori

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