Proper Noun

  • town county, Ayrshire Scotland (country) from lagan#Scottish_Gaelic lagan (“dell”).
  • , from the town in Ayrshire.
  • , a variant of Lohan.
  • A male given name from surnames. Used since at least the 19th century, and popular in the 2000s.
  • A female given name from surnames; much less common than the male name.
  • city, county seat Cache County (county) Utah (state) ; named for the river rising in the Bear River Mts.
  • neighborhood of city, Philadelphia Pennsylvania (state).
  • city, county seat Hocking County (county) Ohio (state) ; named for Mingo leader {{w Chief Logan}}.
  • city, county seat Logan County (county) West Virginia (state) ; named for Chief Logan.
  • city, county seat Harrison County (county) Iowa (state) ; named for Union Army general {{w John A. Logan}}.
  • village New Mexico (state).
  • city Kansas (state) ; named for John A. Logan.
  • locality Victoria (state).
  • river Queensland (state) Australia (country) ; flowing from near {{w Mount Barney (Queensland) Mount Barney into the Moreton Bay at Woongoolba}}.
  • river US (country) ; flowing from the {{w Bear River Mountains in Idaho into the Little Bear River at Benson, Utah}}.
  • (unincorporated) community county, Dearborn County Indiana (state) ; named for nearby Logan Creek.
  • (unincorporated) community county, Lawrence County Indiana (state).
  • (unincorporated) community county, Greene County Missouri (state) ; named for a local family.
  • (unincorporated) community county, Lawrence County Missouri (state) ; named for landowners William and Hetty E. Logan.
  • (unincorporated) community Montana (state) ; named for Capt. William Logan, who participated in the campaign against American Indians in Montana.
  • (unincorporated) community Nebraska (state).
  • (unincorporated) community Wisconsin (state).

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