Proper Noun


  • A person native to ancient Rome or its Empire.
  • A person from one of the modern European countries (including Italy, Spain etc.) whose language is descended from Latin.
  • A person from Latin America.
  • A person adhering to Roman Catholic practice.
  • A person native to the ancient region of Latium.


  • From Middle English Latyn, Latyne, Latin, from Old French latin, latyn, from Latin latīnus, from Latium + -īnus. Displaced Old English Lǣden. Ladino.
  • From Middle English Latin, Latyn, from Old English Lǣden, from Vulgar Latin *ladinum and Old French latin; all from Latin Latinus. Later influenced in form by the Latin word. Compare Dutch Latijn, German Latein, Swedish Latin.
  • Metonymic occupational surname for a Latinist, a clerk or keeper of Latin records, from Middle English Latyn. Compare Latimer.

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