• Of or from Rome.
  • Of or from the Roman Empire. Category:en:Ancient Rome
  • Supporting the characters of the Latin alphabet.
  • A font that is upright, as opposed to oblique or italic. (See roman font.)
  • Of or pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church or the Holy See.
  • Of a style characterised by the size and boldness of its round arches and vaults, and having baths, aqueducts, basilicas, amphitheatres, etc.


  • A native or resident of Rome.
  • A native or resident of the Roman Empire.
  • The Roman script.
  • A single letter or character in Roman type.
  • A Roman Catholic.

Proper Noun

  • A male given name from Latin recently borrowed from continental Europe.


  • From Old French Romain, from Latin Rōmānus. Romano.

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