under (1)



  • In or to a lower or subordinate position, or a position beneath or below something, physically or figuratively.
  • So as to pass beneath something.
  • Insufficiently.
  • In or into an unconscious state.


  • Lower; beneath something.
  • In a state of subordination, submission or defeat.
  • Under anesthesia, especially general anesthesia; sedated.
  • Insufficient or lacking in a particular respect.


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  • From Middle English under, from Old English under, from Proto-Germanic *under (whence also German unter, Dutch onder, Danish and Norwegian under), from a merger of Proto-Indo-European *n̥dʰér and *n̥tér. Akin to Old High German untar ("under"), Sanskrit अन्तर् ("within"), Latin infrā ("below, beneath") and inter.

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