• To adjust (a musical instrument) so that it produces the correct pitches.
  • To adjust or modify (esp. a mechanical or electrical device) so that it functions optimally.
  • To adjust the frequency on a radio or TV set, so as to receive the desired channel.
  • Of faculties, senses, etc.: to adapt to or direct towards a particular target.
  • To make more precise, intense, or effective; to put into a proper state or disposition.
  • To attune; to adapt in style of music; to make harmonious.
  • To give a certain tone or character to.
  • To sing with melody or harmony.
  • To be impudent towards; to cheek.


  • From Middle English tune, an unexplained variant of tone, from Old French ton, from Latin tonus, from Ancient Greek τόνος. tone, ton, and tonus.

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