• Passing from one side of something to the other.
  • Finished; complete.
  • Without a future; done for.
  • No longer interested; wearied or turned off by experience.
  • Proceeding from origin to destination without delay due to change of equipment.
  • In possession of the ball beyond the last line of defence but not necessarily the goalkeeper; through on goal.


  • From one side to the other by way of the interior.
  • From one end to the other.
  • During a period of time; throughout
  • To the end.
  • Completely.
  • Out into the open.



  • From Middle English thrugh, thruch, thruh, metathetic variants of thurgh, thurh, from Old English þorh, þurh, þerh, þærh, from Proto-Germanic *þurhw ("through"), from Proto-Indo-European *tr̥h₂kʷe, suffixed zero-grade from *terh₂- + *-kʷe. Cognate with Scots throch ("through"), West Frisian troch ("through"), Dutch door ("through"), German durch ("through"), Gothic 𐌸𐌰𐌹𐍂𐌷 ("through"), Latin trans ("across, over, through"), Albanian tërthor ("through, around"), Welsh tra ("through"). See also thorough.
  • From Middle English thrugh, þrouȝ, throgh, from Old English þrūh, from Proto-Germanic *þrūhs, from Proto-Indo-European *terh₃u-.

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