• A reflexive, often habitual behavior, one occurring in a context that often features attempts at deception by persons under psychological stress (such as a poker game or police interrogation), that reveals information that the person exhibiting the behavior is attempting to withhold.
  • That which is told; a tale or account.
  • A private message to an individual in a chat room; a whisper.
  • A hill or mound, originally and especially in the Middle East, over or consisting of the ruins of ancient settlements.


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  • From Middle English tellen, from Old English tellan, from Proto-Germanic *taljaną, *talzijaną, from Proto-Germanic *talą, *talǭ, from Proto-Indo-European *dol-. Cognate with Saterland Frisian tälle, West Frisian telle, West Frisian fertelle, Dutch tellen, Low German tellen, German zählen, Faroese telja. More at tale.
  • From Arabic تَلّ ("hill, elevation") or Hebrew תֵּל ("hill"), from Proto-Semitic *tall-.

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