• A slender wax candle; a small lighted wax candle
  • A small light.
  • A tapering form; gradual diminution of thickness and/or cross section in an elongated object
  • A thin stick used for lighting candles, either a wax-coated wick or a slow-burning wooden rod.
  • One who operates a tape machine.
  • Someone who works with tape or tapes.



  • Tapered; narrowing to a point.


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  • From Middle English taper, from Old English tapor ("taper, candle, wick of a lamp"), of Unknown origin. Perhaps from Latin papyrus ("papyrus", used in Mediaeval times to mean "wick of a candle"). If so, it is a papyrus, and paper. Alternatively, of Celtic origin related to Irish tapar ("taper"), Welsh tampr ("a taper, torch"); further compare Sanskrit तपती ("(it) warms, gives out heat, is hot; (it) heats"). More at tepid.
  • tape + -er

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