• From Middle English sol, the first syllable of Latin solve, the first word of the fifth line, third verse (“Solve polluti, labii reatum”, that is, “Clean the guilt from our stained lips”) of the famed medieval hymn Ut queant laxis, which solfège was based on because its lines started on each note of the scale successively.
  • Borrowed from Old French sol (modern French sou), from Latin solidum, the accusative singular of solidus, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *solh₂-. sold, soldo, solidum, and sou.
  • Borrowed from Spanish sol, from Latin sōl, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *sóh₂wl̥. Sol, sol#Etymology 4, and sol, directly from the Latin.
  • Borrowed from Latin sōl; see further at etymology 3. sol#Etymology 3, and sol from Spanish.
  • Sense 1 (“type of colloid”) is derived from -sol (in words like alcosol and hydrosol), an .
  • Sense 2 (“solution to an objection”) is derived directly from solution.

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