• A covering of liquid, particularly oil.
  • A rapidly-expanding ring of dark water, resembling an oil slick, around the site of a large underwater explosion at shallow depth, marking the progress through the water of the shock wave generated by the explosion.
  • Someone who is clever and untrustworthy.
  • A tool used to make something smooth or even.
  • A tire with a smooth surface instead of a tread pattern, often used in auto racing.
  • A helicopter.
  • A camera-ready image to be used by a printer. The "slick" is photographed to produce a negative image which is then used to burn a positive offset plate or other printing device.
  • A wide paring chisel used in joinery.
  • In omegaverse fiction, the copious, lubricating bodily fluid produced by an omega in heat.
  • Alternative of schlich


  • To make slick.


  • From Middle English slicke, slike, slyke, from Old English slīc, from Proto-Germanic *slīkaz,
  • from Proto-Indo-European *sleyg-, *sleyǵ-. Akin to Dutch sluik, dialectal Dutch sleek, Old Norse slíkr, Old English slician.

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