set up



  • To ready for use.
  • To arrange logically.
  • To cause to happen.
  • To trap or ensnare.
  • To arrange for an outcome; to tamper or rig.
  • To ready something for use.
  • To gel or harden.
  • To level to rise in one part of a body of water, especially a shallow one, because of a storm surge caused by persistent wind.
  • To provide the money or other support that someone needs for an important task or activity.
  • To establish someone in a business or position.
  • To trick someone in order to make them do something.
  • To make (someone) proud or conceited (often in passive).
  • To matchmake; to arrange a date between two people.
  • To create a goalscoring opportunity (for).
  • To begin business or a scheme of life.
  • To profess openly; to make pretensions.
  • To found; to start (a business, scheme)
  • To deceive an opponent and capitalize on their reactions with a certain technique or maneuver.
  • To cause to take flight; to flush into the air.


  • In a position to function; ready.


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