• Any cup- or bowl-shaped tool, usually with a handle, used to lift and move loose or soft solid material.
  • The amount or volume of loose or solid material held by a particular scoop.
  • The act of scooping, or taking with a scoop or ladle; a motion with a scoop, as in dipping or shovelling.
  • A story or fact; especially, news learned and reported before anyone else.
  • An opening in a hood/bonnet or other body panel to admit air, usually for cooling the engine.
  • The digging attachment on a front-end loader.
  • A place hollowed out; a basinlike cavity; a hollow.
  • A spoon-shaped surgical instrument, used in extracting certain substances or foreign bodies.
  • A special spinal board used by emergency medical service staff that divides laterally to scoop up patients.
  • A sweep; a stroke; a swoop.
  • The peak of a cap.
  • A hole on the playfield that catches a ball, but eventually returns it to play in one way or another.
  • The raised end of a surfboard.
  • A kind of floodlight with a reflector.


  • To lift, move, or collect with a scoop or as though with a scoop.
  • To make hollow; to dig out.
  • To report on something, especially something worthy of a news article, before (someone else).
  • To begin a vocal note slightly below the target pitch and then to slide up to the target pitch, especially in country music.
  • To pick (someone) up


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  • , from Proto-Germanic *skuppǭ, *skuppijǭ, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kep-..
  • Cognate with Old Frisian skuppe, Middle Low German schōpe, German Low German Schüppe, Schüpp, German Schüppe, Schippe. Related to English shovel.

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