Man wearing a red scarf



  • A long, often knitted, garment worn around the neck.
  • A headscarf.
  • A neckcloth or cravat.
  • A type of joint in woodworking.
  • A groove on one side of a sewing machine needle.
  • A dip or notch or cut made in the trunk of a tree to direct its fall when felling.
  • A cormorant.


  • To throw on loosely; to put on like a scarf.
  • To dress with a scarf, or as with a scarf; to cover with a loose wrapping.
  • To shape by grinding.
  • To form a scarf on the end or edge of, as for a joint in timber, forming a "V" groove for welding adjacent metal plates, metal rods, etc.
  • To unite, as two pieces of timber or metal, by a scarf joint.
  • To eat very quickly.


Similar words


  • Probably from Old Northern French escarpe (compare Old French escharpe ("pilgrim's purse suspended from the neck")). The verb is derived from the noun. scrip.
  • Of uncertain origin. Possibly from Old Norse skarfr, derivative of skera.
  • Generally thought to be a variant, attested since the 1950s, of scoff (of which scorf is another attested variant), itself a variant of scaff. Sometimes alternatively suggested to be a dialectal survival of Old English scearfian, sceorfan (compare scurf).
  • From Old Norse skarfr.

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