a fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)



  • A long, slender, chiefly terrestrial amphibian of the order Caudata, superficially resembling a lizard.
  • A creature much like a lizard that is resistant to and lives in fire (in which it is often depicted in heraldry), hence the elemental being of fire.
  • A metal utensil with a flat head which is heated and put over a dish to brown the top.
  • A small broiler (North America) or grill (Britain) that heats the food from above, used in professional cookery primarily for browning.
  • The pouched gopher, Geomys tuza (species), of the southern United States.
  • A large poker.
  • Solidified material in a furnace hearth.
  • A portable stove used to heat or dry buildings under construction.
  • A fire-eater .


  • To use a salamander (cooking utensil) in a cooking process.


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  • From Middle English salamandre, from Anglo-Norman salamandre, from Latin salamandra, from Ancient Greek σαλαμάνδρα, of uncertain origin (per Beekes, likely Pre-Greek); possibly of Iranian origin, see Persian سمندر for more information.

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