• A person whom a church or another religious group has officially recognised as especially holy or godly; one eminent for piety and virtue.
  • A person with positive qualities; one who does good.
  • One of the blessed in heaven.
  • A holy object.


  • To canonize, to formally recognize someone as a saint.


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  • From Middle English saint, seint, sainct, seinct, sanct, senct, partly from Old English sanct and confluence with Old French saint, seinte (Modern French saint); both from Latin sanctus ("holy, consecrated”, in Late Latin as a noun, “a saint"), past participle of sancire, akin to sacer. Displaced native Middle English halwe from Old English hālga (> Modern English hallow).
  • From Middle English saynten, seinten, sonten, partly from Anglo-Norman saintir and partly from the noun Middle English seint, seynt (see above).
  • From the pattern of naming various places for Saints from religion.

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