A rose (graph with only one vertex)



  • A shrub of the genus Rosa, with red, pink, white or yellow flowers.
  • A flower of the rose plant.
  • A plant or species in the rose family. (Rosaceae)
  • Something resembling a rose flower.
  • The rose flower, usually depicted with five petals, five barbs, and a circular seed.
  • A purplish-red or pink colour, the colour of some rose flowers.
  • A round nozzle for a sprinkling can or hose.
  • The usually circular base of a light socket in the ceiling, from which the fitting or chandelier is suspended.
  • Any of various large, red-bodied, papilionid butterflies of the genus Pachliopta (genus).
  • Any of various flower-like polar graphs of sinusoids or their squares.
  • A graph with only one vertex.
  • Alternate spelling of rosé



  • Having a purplish-red or pink colour. See rosy.


  • From Middle English rose, roose, from Old English rōse, from Latin rosa, of uncertain origin but possibly via Oscan from Ancient Greek ῥόδον (Aeolic ϝρόδον), from Old Persian *wṛda- ("flower") (compare Avestan 𐬬𐬀𐬭𐬆𐬜𐬀, Sogdian ward, Parthian wâr, late Middle Persian, Persian گل, and Middle Iranian borrowings including Old Armenian վարդ, Aramaic וַרְדָּא / ܘܪܕܐ, Arabic وَرْدَة, Hebrew וֶרֶד), from Proto-Indo-European *wr̥dʰos ("sweetbriar") (compare Old English word ("thornbush"), Latin rubus ("bramble"), Albanian hurdhe ("ivy")). Possibly ultimately a derivation from a verb for "to grow" only attested in Indo-Iranian (*Hwardh-, compare Sanskrit vardh-, with relatives in Avestan).
  • From French rosé.

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