• To incur risk of (something).
  • To incur risk of harming or jeopardizing.
  • To incur risk as a result of (doing something).


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  • From earlier risque, from Middle French risque, from Italian risco (modern Italian rischio) and rischiare.
  • Most dictionaries consider the etymology of these Italian terms uncertain, but some suggest they perhaps come from Vulgar Latin *resicum ("that which cuts, rock, crag") (> Medieval Latin resicu), from Latin resecō ("cut off, loose, curtail"), in the sense of that which is a danger to boating or shipping; or from Ancient Greek ῥιζικόν ("root, radical, hazard").
  • A few dictionaries express more certainty. Collins says the Italian risco comes from Ancient Greek ῥίζα ("cliff") due to the hazards of sailing along rocky coasts. The American Heritage says it probably comes from Byzantine Greek ῥιζικό, from Arabic رِزْق, from Classical Syriac ܪܙܩܐ, from Middle Persian, from Middle Persian, from Old Persian, from Proto-Indo-European *lewk-.
  • Cognate with Spanish riesgo, Portuguese risco

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