• The act of tapping a golf ball lightly on a putting green.
  • A regular sound characterized by the sound of "putt putt putt putt...", such as made by some slowly stroking internal combustion engines.
  • A motorcycle.


  • To lightly strike a golf ball with a putter.
  • To make a putting sound.
  • To ride one's motorcycle, to go for a motorcycle ride.
  • To move along slowly.


  • From Middle Dutch putten ("to dig a hit"). The Old English putian ("to push; thrust; put; place") derivation is commonly assumed, although no longer valid. In Dutch, the word is instanced in a description of golf in an early seventeenth-century edition of Pieter van Afferden's Tyrocinium linguae latinae.
  • Heiner Gillmeister, “”, March 7, 2016.
  • , from putt-putt.

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