• The part of the sentence (or clause) which states a property that a subject has or is characterized by.
  • A term of a statement, where the statement may be true or false depending on whether the thing referred to by the values of the statement's variables has the property signified by that (predicative) term.
  • An operator or function that returns either true or false.


  • Of or related to the predicate of a sentence or clause.
  • Predicated, stated.
  • Relating to or being any of a series of criminal acts upon which prosecution for racketeering may be predicated.



  • From Middle French predicat (French prédicat), from post-classical Late Latin praedicātum, a noun use of the neuter past participle of praedicō, as Etymology 2, below.
  • From Latin praedicātus, perfect passive participle of praedicō, from prae + dicō, related to dīcō. preach.

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