• To perform a practical joke on; to trick.
  • To call someone's phone and promptly hang up
  • To adorn in a showy manner; to dress or equip ostentatiously.
  • To make ostentatious show.



  • From Middle English pranken, probably from Middle Dutch pronken, proncken, related to German prangen ("to make a show, be resplendent"), Dutch prangen ("to squeeze, press"), Danish pragt ("pomp, splendor"), all from Proto-Germanic *pranganÄ…, *prangijanÄ…, *prag-, from Proto-Indo-European *brAngh- ("to press, squeeze"). Or, perhaps ultimately related to Proto-Germanic *brahtaz, similar to Dutch pracht, Swedish prakt (loaned from Low German).
  • Cognate with Middle Low German prunken ("to flaunt"), German prunken ("to flaunt"), Danish prunke ("to make a show, prank"). Sense of "mischievous act" from earlier verbal sense of "to be crafty or subtle, set in order, adjust". See also prink, prance, prong.

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