• To make posh, or posher.


  • Unknown.
  • Most likely derived from Romani posh, either because posh-kooroona (originally a substantial sum of money) was used metaphorically for anything pricey or upper-class, or because posh-houri became a general term for money.
  • A period slang dictionary defines "posh" as a term used by thieves for "money : generic, but specifically, a halfpenny or other small coin". An example is given from Page's Eavesdropper (1888): "They used such funny terms: 'brads,' and 'dibbs,' and 'mopusses,' and 'posh' ... at last it was borne in upon me that they were talking about money."
  • Evidence exists for a slang sense from the 1890s meaning [[dandy#Noun, which is quite possibly related.
  • A popular folk etymology holds that the term is an acronym for "port out, starboard home", describing the cooler, north-facing cabins taken by the most aristocratic or rich passengers travelling from Britain to India and back. However, there is no evidence for this claim.
  • It could also possibly be a .
  • See also the articles mentioned in the References section below for additional discussion.

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