• A feeling of enmity; ill-feeling, animosity; a transient feeling of wounded pride.
  • A feeling of irritation or resentment, awakened by a social slight or injury; offence, especially taken in an emotional sense with little thought or consideration.
  • Keenly felt desire; a longing.
  • In piquet, the right of the elder hand to count thirty in hand, or to play before the adversary counts one.
  • A chigger or jigger, Tunga penetrans.
  • A durable ribbed fabric made from cotton, rayon, or silk.


  • To wound the pride of; to excite to anger.
  • To take pride in; to pride oneself on.
  • To stimulate (a feeling, emotion); to offend by slighting; to excite (someone) to action by causing resentment or jealousy.
  • To score a pique against.


  • From Middle French pique, from Old French pic. pike. Compare Spanish picar.
  • From French pic.
  • From Spanish pique, from Central Quechua piki.
  • From French piqué, past participle of piquer

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