• A product in respect of which a patent (sense 1.2.2) has been obtained.
  • The combination of seven bets on three selections, offering a return even if only one bet comes in.




  • The noun is derived from Middle English patent, which is either:
  • a , lettres patente, lettres patentes; or
  • directly from Anglo-Norman and Middle French patente (modern French patent), a clipping of Anglo-Norman lettres patentes, Middle French lettres patentes, lettre patente, and Old French patentes lettres (compare Late Latin patens, littera patens, litterae patentes).
  • For the derivation of Anglo-Norman and Middle French patente in lettre patente, see etymology 2 below.
  • The verb is derived from the noun.
  • From Middle English patent, patente, from Anglo-Norman and Middle French patent (modern French patent), and directly from their etymon Latin patēns, the present active participle of pateō, from Proto-Indo-European *peth₂-.

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