U.S. style pancakes.



  • A thin batter cake fried in a pan or on a griddle in oil or butter.
  • A U.S. style thicker batter cake fried in a pan.
  • A kind of makeup, consisting of a thick layer of a compressed powder.
  • A type of throw, usually with a ring where the prop is thrown in such a way that it rotates round an axis of the diameter of the prop.
  • Anything very thin and flat.
  • Composite leather made of scraps, glue and board, by extension of (4), material originally used for insoles, but later used also for heels and even soles.
  • A box on which an actor stands to make them appear taller.



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  • From Middle English pancake, equivalent to pan + cake. The juggling sense is by analogy with a pancake being tossed in a pan.
  • Compare Saterland Frisian Ponkouke, Ponkuuke, West Frisian pankoek ("pancake"), Dutch pannenkoek ("pancake"), German Low German Pannkook ("pancake"), German Pfannkuchen ("pancake").

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