• The part of something that faces out; the outer surface.
  • The external appearance of someone or something.
  • The space beyond some limit or boundary.
  • The furthest limit, as to number, quantity, extent, etc.
  • The part of a road towards the central division: towards the right if one drives on the left, or towards the left if one drives on the right.
  • The side of a curved road, racetrack etc. that has the longer arc length; the side of a racetrack furthest from the interior of the course or some other point of reference.
  • A passenger riding on the outside of a coach or carriage.


  • Of or pertaining to the outer surface, limit or boundary.
  • Of, pertaining to or originating from beyond the outer surface, limit or boundary.
  • Away from the interior or center of something.
  • Originating from, arranged by, or being someone outside an organization, group, etc.
  • Extending or going beyond the borders or scope of an organization, group, etc.
  • Away from the batter as it crosses home plate.
  • Reaching the extreme or farthest limit, as to extent, quantity, etc; maximum.
  • Positioned towards the central division of a road: towards the right-hand side if one drives on the left, or left-hand side if one drives on the right.


  • To or in the outdoors or outside; to or in an area that is beyond the scope, limits or borders of a given place.
  • Outdoors.


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