Narrower meaning words

  • See fardel ( nook), see acre (various fractions & for further subdivisions)

Broader meaning words


  • From Middle English noke, nok, of uncertain origin. Cognate with Scots neuk, nuk. Perhaps from Old English hnoc, hnocc, from Proto-Germanic *hnukkaz, *hnukkô, from Proto-Indo-European *knewg- ("to turn, press"), from Proto-Indo-European *ken- ("to pinch, press, bend"). If so, then also related to Scots nok ("small hook"), Norwegian dialectal nok, nokke, Danish nok ("hook"), Swedish nock ("ridge"), Faroese nokki ("crook"), Icelandic hnokki ("hook"), Dutch nok ("ridge"), Low German Nocke ("tip"), Old Norse hnúka ("to bend, crouch"), Old English ġehnycned ("drawn, pinched, wrinkled").

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