• nearest in place or position, having nothing similar intervening; adjoining.
  • Nearest in order, succession, or rank; immediately following (or sometimes preceding) in order.
  • Following in a hypothetical sequence of some kind.


  • In a time, place, rank or sequence closest or following.
  • On the first subsequent occasion.


  • The one that follows after this one.


Opposite words


  • From Middle English nexte, nexste, nixte, from Old English nīehsta, nīehste, etc., inflected forms of nīehst, superlative form of nēah, corresponding to Proto-Germanic *nēhwist; equivalent to nigh + -est. Cognate with Saterland Frisian naist, Dutch naast, German nächst, Danish næste, Swedish näst, Icelandic næst, Persian نزد.

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