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  • From Middle English murder, murdre, mourdre, alteration of earlier murthre (see murther), from Old English morþor and Old English myrþra, both from Proto-Germanic *murþrą, from Proto-Indo-European *mr̥tro-, from Proto-Indo-European *mer-, *mor-, *mr̥-. Akin to Gothic 𐌼𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌸𐍂 ("murder"), Old High German mord ("murder"), Old Norse morð ("murder"), Old English myrþrian ("to murder") and morþ.
  • The -d- in the Middle English form may have been influenced in part by Anglo-Norman murdre, from Old French murdre, from Medieval Latin murdrum (whence the English murdrum), from Frankish *morþr, *murþr, from the same Germanic root, though this may also have been wholly the result of internal development (compare burden, from burthen).

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