A midge laying eggs



  • any of various small two-winged flies, for example, from the family Chironomidae or non-biting midges, the family Chaoboridae or phantom midges, and the family Ceratopogonidae or biting midges, all belonging to the order Diptera
  • any bait or lure designed to resemble a midge


  • From Middle English mydge, migge, from Old English mygg, myċġ, from Proto-West Germanic *muggju, from Proto-Germanic *mugjō, from Proto-Indo-European *mū-, *mu-, *mew-.
  • Scots mige
  • Saterland Frisian Määge
  • West Frisian mich
  • West Flemish meezje
  • Dutch mug
  • German Low German Mügge
  • German Mücke
  • Swedish mygg, mygga
  • Icelandic mý
  • The Proto-Indo-European root was also the source of
  • Latin musca
  • Ancient Greek μυῖα
  • Russian му́ха
  • Latvian muša
  • Czech muchnička
  • Albanian mizë
  • Armenian մուն

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