Holding in one's arms is a common technique to lull into sleep.



  • A period of rest or soothing.
  • A period of reduced activity; a respite
  • A period without waves or wind.
  • An extended pause between sets of waves.


  • To cause to rest by soothing influences; to compose; to calm
  • To become gradually calm; to subside; to cease or abate.


Similar words


  • From Middle English lullen, lollen. Originally, perhaps expressive in origin from la-la-la or lu-lu-lu sounds made in calming a child. Compare Finnish laulaa (to sing) and Hiligaynon lala (to sing a lullaby).
  • Cognate with Scots lul, lule, loll, Dutch lollen ("to sing badly, caterwaul"), Dutch lullen ("to chatter, prate, cheat, deceive"), Low German lullen ("to lull"), German lullen ("to lull"), Danish lulle ("to lull, sing to sleep"), Swedish lulla ("to lull"), Icelandic lulla ("to lull").

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