• To try to see, to pay attention to with one’s eyes.
  • To appear, to seem.
  • To give an appearance of being.
  • To search for, to try to find.
  • To face or present a view.
  • To expect or anticipate.
  • To express or manifest by a look.
  • To make sure of, to see to.
  • To show oneself in looking.
  • To look at; to turn the eyes toward.
  • To seek; to search for.
  • To influence, overawe, or subdue by looks or presence.
  • To look at a pitch as a batter without swinging at it.




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  • From Middle English loken, lokien, from Old English lōcian, from Proto-West Germanic *lōkōn. Further origin unknown, no certain cognates outside Germanic. The English word, however, is cognate with Scots luke, luik, leuk, West Frisian lôkje, loaitsje, Dutch loeken, German Low German löken, Alemannic German luege, German lugen, Yiddish לוגן. Possibly related to Sanskrit लोक् *lewk- in the sense of "illuminating" (cf. related word रुच् "to shine, illuminate")

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