• From Middle English lihte, from Old English līhtte, first and third person singular preterit of līhtan. More at light.
  • From Middle English lit, lut, from Old English lȳt ("little, few"), from Proto-Germanic *lūtilaz ("little, small"), from Proto-Indo-European *lewd- ("to cower, hunch over"). Cognate with Old Saxon lut ("little"), Middle High German lützen ("to make small or low, decrease"). More at little.
  • From Middle English lit, from Old Norse litr ("colour, dye, complexion, face, countenance"), from Proto-Germanic *wlitiz, *wlitaz, from Proto-Indo-European *wel- ("to see"). Cognate with Icelandic litur ("colour"), Old English wlite ("brightness, appearance, form, aspect, look, countenance, beauty, splendor, adornment"), Old English wlītan ("to gaze, look, observe").
  • From Middle English litten, liten, from Old Norse lita ("to colour"), from litr. See above.
  • Short for literature.

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