A goat kid.




  • To make a fool of (someone).
  • To dupe or deceive (someone).
  • To make a joke with (someone).
  • Of a goat, to give birth to kids.
  • To joke.


  • Image:Goat kid444.jpg|thumb|right|A goat kid.
  • From Middle English kide, from Old Norse kið ("young goat"), from Proto-Germanic *kidją, *kittīną, perhaps from Proto-Indo-European *gʰaydn-, *ǵʰaydn- or Proto-Indo-European *gidʰ- ("kid, goatling, little goat"). Compare Swedish and Danish kid, German Kitz and Kitze, Albanian kedh and kec.
  • Sense of child since 1590s as cant, since 1840s in informal use.{{cite-book|author=Francis Grose|authorlink=Francis Grose
  • Compare Welsh cidysen.

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