A jar of honey, with a honey dipper and scones



  • A viscous, sweet fluid produced from plant nectar by bees. Often used to sweeten tea or to spread on baked goods.
  • A variety of this substance.
  • Nectar.
  • Something sweet or desirable.
  • A woman, especially an attractive one.
  • A spectrum of pale yellow to brownish-yellow colour, like that of most types of (the sweet substance) honey.


  • Involving or resembling honey.
  • Of a pale yellow to brownish-yellow colour, like most types of honey.


  • To sweeten; to make agreeable.
  • To be gentle, agreeable, or coaxing; to talk fondly; to use endearments.
  • To be or become obsequiously courteous or complimentary; to fawn.


Similar words

Narrower meaning words

  • blended honey
  • comb honey
  • creamed honey
  • /crystallized honey
  • dried honey
  • filtered honey
  • honeycomb
  • honeydew
  • honeydew honey
  • honey extractor
  • monofloral honey
  • pasteurised honey
  • pine honey
  • polyfloral honey
  • raw honey
  • strained honey
  • ultrasonicated honey

Broader meaning words


  • From Middle English hony, from Old English huniġ, from Proto-West Germanic *hunag, from Proto-Germanic *hunagą (compare West Frisian hunich, German Honig), from earlier *hunangą (compare Swedish honung), from Proto-Indo-European, from *kn̥h₂ónks. Cognate with Middle Welsh canecon ("gold"), Latin canicae ("bran"), Tocharian B kronkśe ("bee"), Albanian qengjë ("beehive"), Ancient Greek κνῆκος ("safflower"), Northern Kurdish şan ("beehive"), Northern Luri گونج.

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