Proper Noun


  • A place or situation of great suffering in life.
  • A place for gambling.
  • An extremely hot place.
  • A place into which a tailor throws shreds, or a printer discards broken type.


  • ; nay; not only that, but.



  • To add luster to, burnish (silver or gold).
  • To pour.


Opposite words


  • From Middle English helle, from Old English hell, from Proto-Germanic *haljō, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱel-. Cognate with Saterland Frisian Hälle, West Frisian hel, Dutch hel, German Low German Hell, German Hölle, Norwegian helvete, Icelandic hel. Also related to the Hel of Germanic mythology. See also hele.
  • From German hellen ("to brighten, burnish"). Related to Dutch hel ("clear, bright") and German hell ("clear, bright").
  • From Old Norse hella ("to pour"). Cognate with Icelandic hella ("to pour"), Norwegian helle ("to pour"), Swedish hälla ("to pour"). See also hield.

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