• To hunt or shoot grouse.
  • To complain or grumble.



  • Attested in the 1530s, as grows , a plural used collectively.
  • The origin of the noun is unknown; the following derivations have been suggested:
  • From Old French grue (modern French grue) or Medieval Latin gruta, both from Latin grūs, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *gerh₂-.
  • Borrowed from Celtic or a different Medieval Latin word.
  • imitative of the bird’s call.
  • The verb is derived from the noun.
  • The origin of the verb is uncertain; it is possibly borrowed from Norman groucier, from Old French groucier, grousser (whence grutch and grouch). The further etymology is unknown, but it may be derived from Frankish *grōtijan or of onomatopoeic origin.
  • The noun is derived from the verb.

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