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  • From Middle English grippen, from Old English grippan, from a Proto-Germanic *gripjaną (compare Old High German gripfen); compare the related Old English grīpan, whence English gripe. See also grope, and the related Proto-Germanic *grīpaną.
  • From Middle English grippe, gripe, an amalgam of Old English gripe ("grasp, hold") (cognate with German Griff) and Old English gripa ("handful") (cognate with Swedish grepp).
  • From Middle English grip, grippe, gryppe, from Old English grēp ("a furrow, burrow") and grēpe, from Proto-Germanic *grōpiz ("a furrow, groove"). Cognate with Middle Dutch grippe, gruppe, greppe, German Low German Gruppe ("ditch, drain"). Related also to Old English grōp ("a ditch, drain"). More at groop.
  • From Middle English gripe, from Old French gripe, from Latin grypus, gryphus.

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