• Of or pertaining to the female gender; womanly.
  • Of or pertaining to the female sex; biologically female, not male.
  • Belonging to females; typically used by females.
  • Having the qualities stereotypically associated with women: nurturing, not aggressive.
  • Of, pertaining or belonging to the female grammatical gender, in languages that have gender distinctions.


  • That which is feminine.
  • A woman.
  • The feminine gender.
  • A word of the feminine gender.


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  • From Middle English feminine, femynyne, femynyn, from Old French feminin, feminine, from Latin fēminīnus, from fēmina, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰeh₁-m̥h₁n-eh₂. Related to fetus, feminism, filial, fellatio.

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