• Any instrument used to gather or take by dragging; as:
  • Very fine mineral matter held in suspension in water.
  • A large shaker for sprinkling spices or seasonings during food preparation.
  • A mixture of oats and barley.


  • To make a channel deeper or wider using a dredge.
  • To bring something to the surface with a dredge.
  • (Usually with up) to unearth.
  • To sprinkle (food) with spices or seasonings, using a dredge.


  • From Scots dreg-boat, dreg-bot (from Old English *dreċġ); or alternatively from Middle Dutch dregghe, probably ultimately from the same root as drag.
  • From Middle English dragge, from Old French dragee, dragie, from Latin tragēmata, from Ancient Greek τραγήματα ("spices"), plural of τράγημα.

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