• A pointed missile weapon, intended to be thrown by the hand; for example, a short lance or javelin.
  • Any sharp-pointed missile weapon, such as an arrow.
  • Anything resembling such a missile; something that pierces or wounds like such a weapon.
  • A small object with a pointed tip at one end and feathers at the other, which is thrown at a target in the game of darts.
  • A dart-shaped target towed behind an aircraft to train shooters.
  • A plan or scheme.
  • A sudden or fast movement.
  • A fold that is stitched on a garment.
  • A fish, the dace.
  • A cigarette.


  • To throw with a sudden effort or thrust; to hurl or launch.
  • To send forth suddenly or rapidly; to emit; to shoot
  • To shoot with a dart, especially a tranquilizer dart
  • To fly or pass swiftly, like a dart; to move rapidly in one direction; to shoot out quickly
  • To start and run with speed; to shoot rapidly along


  • From Middle English dart, from Old French dart, dard, from Medieval Latin dardus, from Frankish *darōþu, from Proto-Germanic *darōþuz, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰō-; compare Old High German tart, Old English daroþ, dearod, Swedish dart, Icelandic darraður, darr, dör.
  • From Middle English darten, from the noun (see above).

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