A court (def. 4.2) assembled to hear the testimony of :w:Charles LindberghCharles Lindbergh. The room is also a court (def. 4.1).



  • An enclosed space; a courtyard; an uncovered area shut in by the walls of a building, or by different buildings; also, a space opening from a street and nearly surrounded by houses; a blind alley.
  • Royal society.
  • Attention directed to a person in power; behaviour designed to gain favor; politeness of manner; civility towards someone
  • The administration of law.
  • A place arranged for playing the games of tennis, basketball, handball, badminton, volleyball, squash and some other games


  • To seek to achieve or win.
  • To risk (a consequence, usually negative).
  • To try to win a commitment to marry from.
  • To engage in behavior leading to mating.
  • To attempt to attract.
  • To invite by attractions; to allure; to attract.
  • To attempt to gain alliance with.
  • To engage in activities intended to win someone's affections.
  • To engage in courtship behavior.


  • From Middle English court, from Old French cort, from Latin cōrtem (accusative of cōrs), ultimately from cohors. cohort.

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