Map showing African colonies (region ruled by another country) in 1913.



  • An area under the political control of another country and typically occupied by settlers (colonists) from it, or by their descendants.
  • A group of people who settle such an area and maintain ties to their native country, and (later) their descendants.
  • A group of people, of one nationality, ethnic group, or language, residing in a different country, city, or area; the area such people occupy.
  • A group of people with similar interests, occupations or characteristics, living in a particular area; the area such people occupy.
  • A group of organisms of same or different species living together in close association.
  • A group of bacteria, fungi or other cells cultured together, especially from a single cell.
  • An apartment complex or neighborhood.
  • A local group of Beaver Scouts.


  • From Latin colōnia ("colony"), from colōnus, from colō, from earlier *quelō, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷel- ("to move; to turn (around)").

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