A marijuana bud



  • A newly sprouted leaf or blossom that has not yet unfolded.
  • Something that has begun to develop.
  • A small rounded body in the process of splitting from an organism, which may grow into a genetically identical new organism.
  • Potent cannabis taken from the flowering part of the plant (the “bud”), or marijuana generally.
  • A weaned calf in its first year, so called because the horns are then beginning to bud.
  • A pretty young girl.
  • Buddy, friend.


  • To form buds.
  • To reproduce by splitting off buds.
  • To begin to grow, or to issue from a stock in the manner of a bud, as a horn.
  • To be like a bud in respect to youth and freshness, or growth and promise.
  • To put forth as a bud.
  • To graft by inserting a bud under the bark of another tree.


  • From Middle English budde ("bud, seed pod"), from Proto-Germanic *buddǭ (compare Dutch bot ("bud"), German Hagebutte, regional German Butzen ("seed pod"), Swedish dialect bodd), perhaps from Proto-Indo-European *bʰew-, *bu-.

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