A bike.




  • To ride a bike.
  • To travel by bike.
  • To transport by bicycle


Narrower meaning words


  • From bicycle, by shortening, and possibly alteration. Attested from 1882.
  • One explanation for the pronunciation is that bicycle is parsed to bi(cy)c(le). An alternative explanation is that bicycle is shortened to bic(ycle), and the terminal [s] is converted to a [k] because there is an underlying underspecified [k]/[s] sound, which is softened to [s] in bicycle but retained as [k] in bike; compare the letter ‘c’ (used for [k]/[s]).
  • From Middle English bike, byke. Of Unknown origin. Perhaps a back-formation of Middle English *bykere, from Old English bēocere; or from Old English *bȳc a byform of Old English būc. Compare also Old Norse bý.

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