a Eurasian badger



  • Any mammal of three subfamilies, which belong to the family Mustelidae: Melinae (Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae (ratel or honey badger), and Taxideinae (subfamily) (American badger).
  • A native or resident of the American state, Wisconsin.
  • A brush made of badger hair.
  • A crew of desperate villains who robbed near rivers, into which they threw the bodies of those they murdered.
  • An itinerant licensed dealer in commodities used for food; a hawker; a huckster; -- formerly applied especially to one who bought grain in one place and sold it in another.



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  • From Middle English bageard ("marked by a badge"), from bage, referring to the animal's badge-like white blaze, equivalent to badge + -ard. Displaced earlier brock, from .
  • Unknown (Possibly from "bagger". "Baggier" is cited by the OED in 1467-8)

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