Volcanic ash dunes in Papua New Guinea



  • The solid remains of a fire.
  • The nonaqueous remains of a material subjected to any complete oxidation process.
  • Fine particles from a volcano, volcanic ash.
  • Human (or animal) remains after cremation.
  • Mortal remains in general.
  • What remains after a catastrophe.
  • A gray colour, like that of ash.
  • A shade tree of the genus Fraxinus.
  • The wood of this tree.
  • The traditional name for the ae ligature (æ), as used in Old English.



Similar words


  • From Middle English asshe, from Old English æsċe, from Proto-West Germanic *askā, from Proto-Germanic *askǭ (compare West Frisian jiske, Dutch as, Low German Asch, German Asche, Danish aske, Swedish aska, Norwegian ask), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂eHs-; see it for cognates.
  • The rare plural axen is from Middle English axen, axnen, from Old English axan, asċan (plural of Old English axe, æsċe).
  • From Middle English asshe, from Old English æsċ, from Proto-Germanic *askaz, *askiz (compare West Frisian esk, Dutch es, German Esche, Danish/Norwegian/Swedish ask), from Proto-Indo-European *Heh₃s- (compare Welsh onnen, Latin ornus ("wild mountain ash"), Lithuanian úosis, Russian я́сень, Albanian ah ("beech"), Ancient Greek ὀξύα ("beech"), Old Armenian հացի).

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