• To set, fix or determine (a time or place for something such as a meeting, or the meeting itself) by authority or agreement.
  • To name (someone to a post or role).
  • To furnish or equip (a place) completely; to provide with all the equipment or furnishings necessary; to fit out.
  • To equip (someone) with (something); to assign (someone) authoritatively (some equipment).
  • To fix the disposition of (property) by designating someone to take use of (it).
  • To fix with power or firmness by decree or command; to ordain or establish.
  • To resolve; to determine; to ordain.


  • From Middle English apointen, borrowed from Old French apointier ("to prepare, arrange, lean, place") (French appointer ("to give a salary, refer a cause")), from Late Latin appunctare ("to bring back to the point, restore, to fix the point in a controversy, or the points in an agreement"); Latin ad + punctum. See point.

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