• Belonging to, or proceeding from, angels; resembling, characteristic of, or partaking of the nature of, an angel.
  • Very sweet-natured or well-behaved.
  • Of or pertaining to angelic acid.
  • A regular Hausdorff space is said to be angelic if the closure of each relatively countably compact set A is compact and the closure consists of the limits of sequences in A.


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  • From Middle English angelik, aungillik, aungellike, (also angellich, aungellich > English angelly), from Old English anġelīċ, engellīċ, englelīċ, coalescing with Old French angélique, from Latin angelicus, from Ancient Greek ἀγγελικός ("of or for a messenger"), from ἄγγελος. Equivalent to angel + -ic.

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