• (Native) British; pertaining to the Celtic peoples who inhabited much of Britain before the Roman occupation.
  • Foreign; non-native.
  • Of or pertaining to Wales.
  • Of or pertaining to the Celtic language of Wales.
  • Designating plants or animals from or associated with Wales. (See Derived terms.)


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  • From Middle English Walsch, Welische, from Old English wīelisċ ("Briton; Roman; Celt"), from Proto-West Germanic *walhisk, from Proto-Germanic *walhiskaz ("Celt; later Roman"), from *walhaz (compare Old English wealh), from the name of the Gaulish tribe, the Volcae (recorded only in Latin contexts).
  • This word was borrowed from Germanic into Slavic (compare Old Church Slavonic Влахъ ("Vlachs, Romanians"), Byzantine Greek Βλάχος).
  • Vellish. Compare Walloon, walnut, Vlach, Walach, Gaul, Cornwall.

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